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Diagnosis Water

Iron Speciation Water Test

Iron Speciation Water Test

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Recommended for iron speciation testing to determine the oxidative state of iron in a drinking water sample. Knowing the form of iron in water can help you choose effective filtration or treatment solutions.

Ferrous iron (soluble iron) dissolves in water, while ferric iron (insoluble iron) precipitates. Water with mostly ferrous iron may appear clear, while ferric iron makes water appear reddish/brown/orange. In the presence of oxygen, chlorine or other oxidizing agents, ferrous iron will convert to ferric iron–which can then lead to staining on fixtures, tubs and other appliances.

This water test package, which will be shipped to you by our collaborator SimpleLab, provides all required materials to properly collect and submit a sample for certified laboratory testing. Reported results will include detailed, quantified analysis of ferrous and ferric iron concentrations.

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